The Simpsons

Daniel Radcliffe is Edmund in The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XXI, Fox, 2010.

Dan, who is himself a long-time Simpsons fan, appeared as a guest-voice in the 21st Halloween episode, “Treehouse of Horror XXI”, which featured a spoof of a certain film series involving a sparkly, perpetually adolescent vampire.

Dan voices Edmund, the mysterious, brooding and handsome new boy in town who saves Lisa from an out-of-control school bus, and makes her swoon with his pallor and ability to “move between the trees the way a bat does – by jumping”. In Edmund’s thrall, Lisa wants him to turn her into a vampire – but can she face being 8 years old forever?

The Simpsons, which helped to revitalize the animated television show as something for both children and adults, now holds a world record for not only the longest running animated show on television, but the longest running sitcom, ever. It has featured many guest voices throughout the years, making it a popular achievement for both successful voice and screen actors alike.