Robot Chicken

Daniel Radcliffe is Mullet Kid and Thomas the Tank Engine in Robot Chicken: Hemlock, Gin and Juice – Piss Poor Imagination; A Tall Glass; Blow Some Steam, 2012.

Dan lends his voice to two characters in this episode of this stop-motion animated comedy series on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim – Mullet Kid, and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Mullet Kid has a thirst that can only be quenched by Kool Aid, much to soy milk’s dismay.

Thomas the Tank Engine has been hijacked and wired up to a pile of dynamite. Can Percy rescue him before it’s too late? This isn’t your father’s Thomas the Tank Engine, so be warned. Coming from the mind of Family Guy’s creator Seth Green, this stop-motion and claymation animated comedy is sure to leave you smiling!