A Young Doctor’s Notebook

Daniel Radcliffe plays The Young Doctor in A Young Doctor’s Notebook, 2012, Sky Arts.

In this 4-part Sky Arts miniseries, the Older Doctor – morphine addicted, bitter, cynical, and broken down by life – looks back through the journals of his younger self.

Graduating top of his class with 15 5s in his exams, the Young Doctor is sent to a remote hospital in rural Russia, interacting with his older self as he takes the first steps in his medical career.

Supported by two nurses and a feldsher, the Young Doctor learns that his high grades mean nothing in the face of amputated limbs and blocked windpipes. Experience and knowledge is everything, and he gains both with each case that comes through the door – but at a price.

As the months of tedium and endless snow take their toll, the Young Doctor begins his descent into the addiction that grips the Older Doctor, losing his innocence and optimism along the way.

With A Young Doctor’s Notebook a hit with both critics and viewers, the follow up series, A Young Doctor’s Notebook and Other Stories, will be on our screens in late 2013.