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Reminder: Playbill Radio Interview

Here is a reminder that the Playbill Radio interview with Equus cast members T. Ryder Smith and levitra presciptions Anna Camp will be broadcast twice over the weekend. To verify the times and listen to the interview, simply click here. Many thanks to Radcakesfan for the heads-up!

Stage-Door Video Clips

As a complement to the photos she sent us earlier, here are two video clips taken by Sabine at the Broadhurst Theatre stage-door earlier this month. Enjoy!  Clip 1, October 16 – Clip 2, October 19

New Stage-Door Photos

We have just received some exclusive stage-door photos taken by our very own Sabine when she was in New York two weeks ago, and you can see them here: Oct 16 - ‘The sleepwalking bodyguard’, Oct 16 – 2, Oct 16 – 3, Oct 16 – ‘Yes, this certainly is my right eye’ 

Broadway cares

Well, I am a nervous wreck, having just seen Equus seven times in nine days, but I wanted to post about something wonderful you can do, next time you see the show. All the theatres on Broadway are now collecting for Broadway Cares, and one of the cast shushes the audience at the curtain call...

Playbill Radio to Interview Equus Actors

Playbill Radio will be broadcasting an interviewing with T. Ryder Smith and Anna Camp, who share the only best offers stage with Dan and Richard Griffiths in Equus, on October 29. According to this article, Camp tells what it’s like to viagra in canada pfizer share the famous nude scene with Radcliffe, and Smith describes what it’s like dealing with the nightly crowd of “Harry Potter”...

Pisoni’s Take on Radcliffe’s Comment

Here is a fun little article from the New York Post that somehow got overlooked in the recent flurry of activity on levitra buylevitra onlin our site. Many thanks to Lauren for this little gem! Doesn’t ‘Pisoni’ sound like some sort of Italian delicacy to you? “I think I’ll have a nice glass of Chianti Classico with my Pisoni, per favore!”...

Radcliffe and Griffith’s On-Stage Chemistry Hard to Beat

The Villager has posted an excellent review of Equus, containing a few choice quotes about the on-stage chemistry between Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths and, of course, Dan’s superb acting.  Many thanks to our very own ‘in transit’ Lauren for the heads-up!

A Few More Stage Door Photos

We’ve just added a few more photos to our Equus Stage Door gallery, courtesy of Jade, Samara and Oclumencia. Enjoy!

Exclusive Stage Door Video Clip

Here, as promised, is my exclusive stage door video clip taken on Saturday October 11 outside the Broadhurst Theatre. Sorry it took a bit longer than anticipated to post, but the original was just too big for our server and Lauren had to downsize it for me. We had to sacrifice a little bit of the quality in...

Equus on Broadway does not Disappoint

Having had the privilege of seeing Equus at the Broadhurst Theatre this past weekend, I wanted to take a few moments to share some of my thoughts on the enter site play with you. At this point, I don’t feel any great need to compare the New York production to the London one as the staging is buy cialis fedex shipping mostly similar... Exclusive Stage Door Photos

Here, as promised, are the Equus Stage Door Exclusive photographs my mother and I took for this weekend in New York. If you would like to learn a bit more about our adventures, please click on the ‘Read more’ link below. Enjoy!

New Stage Door Photos!

New York nights must be getting colder because we’ve just added five new stage door photos of viagra cost Dan to our Equus Stage Door gallery and, along with his now trademark hat, he is also sporting a nice warm scarf! Many thanks to the always awesome Tracey for the heads-up, and to Oclumencia for the photos!