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DanRadcliffe.com was founded by Jenna in December 2001. It was taken over by it’s current owner, Claire, in March 2013.

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Bio: I joined the DanRadcliffe.com team as an avid fan of Dan’s work both on film and on the stage. His extreme talent as an actor, coupled with his contagious charisma and wit, are what drew me to follow his career, wherever it may go. I specializes in news posting here at DR.com.


Bio: After working at MuggleNet and owning RupertGrint.net for the last 8 years, I woke up to Dan’s talent during his performance at the 2013 Oscars. His work ethic is incredibly inspiring and it’s wonderful to see him becoming rooted as one of the best acting talents out there.


Bio: I┬áhave worked for DanRadcliffe.com since 2010, and am part of the news posting team. To date, my favourite Dan project is A Young Doctor’s Notebook, though I anticipate that this will soon be replaced by Kill Your Darlings!


Bio: I have worked for the world’s leading Dan Radcliffe fan site since 2003. I’ve survived the extreme weather of multiple Potter premieres, revealed the world exclusive of Dan’s favourite cheese, and has now reached a place where I can admire a powerful and sensitive stage actor.


Bio: My love for film and particularly JK Rowling’s amazing Harry Potter universe drew me to become a writer and editor for Dan’s fansite. One of my all-time favorite Dan moments is the Felix Felicis trance in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, where Dan is able to put his own eccentric sense of humor into the character of Harry.