The Tailor of Panama

Daniel Radcliffe is Mark Pendel, in The Tailor of Panama, released in 2001.

Banished to Panama after an affair with the mistress of an ambassador in Madrid, British spy Andrew Osnard meets Harry Pendel, an ex-con now working as a tailor to Panama’s elite. Though his work as a tailor has brought him good business, he has not handled his finances well and finds himself deep in debt. Pendel has also kept a secret, even from his wife, of his own criminal past. When Osnard threatens Pendel with the exposure of this past, Pendel agrees to exchange intelligence in return for money and his wife’s continued ignorance of his criminal history.

Mark Pendel was Dan’s first film role, filmed just a year before he was cast as Harry Potter. Though his scenes are fleeting, it was the first cinematic glimpse of the boy who would be the face of a franchise.