The Order of the Phoenix

Daniel Radcliffe is Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, released in 2007.


After a terrifying incident during the summer holidays, Harry is rescued from Privet Drive by a group of friends and allies and introduced to the Order of the Phoenix, a secret society dedicated to fighting Lord Voldemort’s dark forces. When he arrives at Hogwarts to start his fifth year of studies, he discovers that the magical world appears to be in denial about the return of Voldemort and is trying to suppress his attempts to reveal the truth.

Among the other challenges that he has to face this year are a vicious new Dark Arts professor, his O.W.L. exams and… the trouble with girls. But most ominous is a recurring nightmare that Harry has about a door at the end of a long silent corridor, a nightmare that will lead to a bitter and tragic confrontation and reveal new clues about Harry’s destiny.