Contact Dan

Daniel Radcliffe is represented by Artists Rights Group Ltd.

You can write to Dan at this address ::

Daniel Radcliffe
c/o ARG Talent
4 Great Portland Street
London WIW 8PA


Please bear in mind that Dan currently receives many letters in the mail each week (more when his films are released) so you may have to wait a while to get a response (2-3 months appears to be the typical wait time).  Dan’s fans are very important to him and it is his intention that everyone who writes to him will receive a reply –  please be patient!

You may have seen other mailing addresses listed for Dan at other sites on the Net – please do not use these any more as mail sent to these addresses has to be forwarded to the above location.  This will obviously add to the response time and, regrettably, will increase the chances of your letter being lost in transit.

Quick Guidelines

  • If you would like to receive a reply, please make sure you include your own mailing address, written legibly in English!
  • A reply usually consists of a copy of Dan’s latest photo (with pre-printed autograph) and newsletter.  Please bear in mind that due to his filming commitments, Dan unfortunately does not have the time to reply personally to each and every letter he receives so he sends out a newsletter instead.  This contains all the latest information about Dan’s activities and interests and should hopefully answer most of the fans’ most frequently asked questions.  The newsletter is changed every few months or so and is written entirely by Dan, not by an agent or representative.
  • When sending mail to Dan, please refrain from sending food or any other type of perishable items. And obviously, please do not send any rude or obscene material!