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by Claire on Aug 25, 2014
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Parade.com has published a new interview with Dan discussing his view towards relationships, why he doesn’t rate the internet as a helpful medium and what a lasting relationship actually takes.

Commenting on the new dynamic technology is creating for relationships, Dan says:

“The Internet is very quick and efficient. And that’s the world in which a lot of young people are living, in terms of the speed with which things happen. Like other things on the Internet, the longevity of [love] always comes into question. But I think love is generally difficult to achieve…The way we talk online is less personal, less about actual communication, and often not representative of who we are.”

Dan also gives an insight into the changing priorities of love as we get older:

“It’s very, very hard to know [when someone loves you]. We all grow up with an idea of what love is. It’s this all-conquering thing that when you find it, all the other problems you have will be overwhelmed and conquered by it. Part of the process of growing up is realizing that that’s not how it works.”

After a short break in September, Dan will undertake another whirlwind press tour for Horns, after which he hopes to squeeze in another project before the year’s end:

“I’ll probably make another movie towards the end of the year. But I definitely don’t know exactly what the next film I’m doing is yet. There’s a couple of possibilities floating around, but nothing that’s actually become concrete. I’m raring to go and get back on a film set. I’m excited about that.”

Finally, Dan speaks to the value of live performance and explains why theater is an enriching experience as an actor:

“Theater is always been a place where I’ve gone to learn and improve as an actor. Hopefully it’ll be that for my entire career. I’ve learned so much there, and I get better there. I always come away from the theater feeling like I’ve grown in some way as an actor and seen more confidence in myself.”

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