The Best of the Internet: Who would Dan snog, marry and viagra for sale cheap avoid at Hogwarts?
Daniel Radcliffe takes the ALS ice bucket challenge on Channel 4's "The Last Leg"

The Best of the Internet: 25 things we promise you don’t already know about Dan!

by Claire on Aug 21, 2014
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Over the years, fans have built up an almost Mastermind-like knowledge of Dan facts, so much so that it’s hard to come across interviews containing things we haven’t already heard. So, it was a lovely surprise when US Weekly released a new interview with Dan today, giving 25 (that’s one for each year!) new facts on the man himself. Read the full list below to add to your arsenal:

1. I passed my Spanish GCSE thanks to sale of viagra my accent skills. My grammar was absolute crap.
2. I do a ridiculous dance to Pharrell’s “Happy” whenever I hear it.
3. I just started reading Chuck Klosterman’s “I Wear the viagra in bulgaria Black Hat.”
4. I can sing the entire periodic table of elements. I learned it from a video on YouTube.
5. Without any hint of irony whatsoever, I love sci-fi movies like Sharknado, Big Ass Spider!, and Nazis at the Center of the Earth.
6. Cameron Diaz was my first celebrity crush. I had pictures of her and Drew Barrymore taped to my bedroom wall.
7. I love running to punk music, like the Sex Pistols and the Damned.
8. I’m a huge fan of buy cialis online without prescription poutine and disco fries. I add bacon because bacon makes everything better.
9. I absolutely f–king hate cockroaches.
10. I will probably see Fifty Shades of Grey. It looks pretty sexy.
11. When I’m in a bookshop and I see a book I don’t think I’ll ever see again, I have to buy it.
12. I just started learning Japanese. It’s super hard, but fascinating.
13. My favorite word so far is tokidoki — it sounds like “okeydokey.”
14. Just once, I would like to be able to run a five-minute mile. I’m still a minute and a half off.
15. I don’t make a really good meal in the kitchen.
16. I do make a really good phone call for delivery — usually for Ditch Plains’ mac ‘n’ cheese.
17. I’d like to spend time in the American South.
18. I could eat eggs Benedict for breakfast every day.
19. I love sushi and cheeseburgers. I will graciously receive either at any moment in time.
20. I actually enjoy going to only for you the gym. It lets me keep eating my burgers.
21. I usually work out with body weights, but I’m never going to get massive. I’m 5-foot-5 and that would look completely ridiculous.
22. I’m busy working on my 2014 fantasy football draft.
23. I’m able to do weird things with my tongue.
24. Rupert Grint and I were evenly matched at table tennis on cheapest viagra prices without a prescription the Potter set. I like to think I could take him now.
25. I know a few card tricks, but it’s hard to break out, “Anyone want to see a magic trick?” given my former job.

We wonder what Rupert would make of that…

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