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11 things we learned from Daniel Radcliffe’s Tumblr Q&A

by Claire on Aug 19, 2014
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Dan took part in a special fan Q&A for Tumblr yesterday, and we’ve weeded out the eleven most informative questions and answers for you.

Q: Did you take any props home with you from the set of What If?
A: I have a few of the t-shirts from filming, I really liked them. I always try to keep some of the costumes (I got to keep the jacket I wore in Horns too!).

Q: Do you have any specific celebrities that you would like to work with?
A: The Coen Bros are people I would love to work with. I’m hoping I get to work with Dane DeHaan again – he became one of my best friends. Dwayne Johnson – not sure yet what the movie would be, but I genuinely would love to meet him because I love watching his movies.

Q: What is the best advice you have ever gotten about romance, relationships, and love?
A: You won’t always be right, so just be honest. When you’re in a relationship, it’s a really important thing that you’re open and honest, and talking and communicating. My mum and dad have been married for 30 years and they’re best friends and they talk all the time about everything.

Q: You have a groovy taste in music. Have you made it out to any festivals/shows recently?
A: None. I’m afraid I haven’t seen any in a long time. My new favourite band though is a German band called Milky Chance. They’re awesome and their album is worth checking out.

Q: What is your favourite type of pizza?
A: There’s this cheeseburger pizza from a place called Two Boots, they call it ‘The Dude’. It’s topped with ground beef, meatballs, American cheese and Cajun bacon.

Q: What was the funniest/coolest unexpected thing that happened on set?
A: Generally, Adam Driver was the source of much hilarity throughout filming because he improvises a lot. One night we were just telling jokes in the kitchen of the house where we were filming. They were just terrible, bad jokes your dad tells. For some reason Adam and I were hysterically laughing at them. It was a moment you had to be there for.

Q: Coffee, or hot chocolate or tea?
A: Hot chocolate, definitely. The images people have of Brits drinking tea all the time does not apply to me.

Q: Daniel, what is your favourite colour?
A: I guess yellow most of the time. That is what it was when I was a kid – my room was painted yellow.

Q: What do you appreciate most about your fans?
A:  How diverse you all are, so open-minded, because I take on a wide range of projects. It’s always lovely to meet fans because I love their enthusiasm. It makes you feel good about the choices you make.

Q: Dan, I know you like jokes so what’s your favourite joke?
A: Q-Why should you never trust an atom?
A-They make up everything.

It’s such a nerdy joke, but it’s my favourite!

Q: If you could meet a classic Hollywood actor, who would you meet?
A: I met George Clooney once, that was really cool. He was awesome, he gave me a bear hug and some excellent advice.


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