Video: Daniel Radcliffe on 'The Talk'
Video: Daniel Radcliffe appears on BBC's The One Show

Daniel Radcliffe appears on The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show, Spin 103.8

by Claire on Aug 18, 2014
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In a lovely interview this morning with Irish radio host Ian Dempsey, Dan spoke a little more in-depth about the male/female friendship dynamic as well as his future director aspirations, saying:

“I do think it has changed a bit. The assumptions people make when they see people together have changed, and it makes those relationships and friendships easier to have. I definitely think men and women can be friends. I think when the question of romantic attraction comes into it, then it can be difficult and you may have to address that at some point.”

“I’ve been able to watch some of the most amazing directors work. As a director you’re in the middle of every part of the crew, you’re making a creative decision every second of the day, and I would enjoy [taking on the leadership role]. I love the film industry, but directing does sound like a lot of fun.”

Also, regarding how What If was very nearly filmed in Argentina instead of Dublin, Dan commented:

“Originally going to be flown to Argentina, but [Dublin] is very film friendly, which is awesome. It was beautiful.”

And lastly, Dan gave a little more information on what we can expect from his cameo on Trainwreck:

“Those aren’t my dogs on an average Saturday. Judd Apatow saw the play and came back afterwards and said, ‘Hey do you want to come do half a day on set?’ The bluntness of the offer took me back, so I ended up with a tiny cameo. I don’t know a huge amount about the movie, but I do walk a lot of dogs in it.

Listen to the full segment here:

While in Dublin Dan also spoke with Gordon Hayden and Lauren Kelly of Spin 103.8 about the creativity that was encouraged from Horns director Alexandre Aja, how refreshing it was to find a rom-com script with such realistic dialogue, unexpected emotional power and characters that are trying to do the right thing.
The clip can be listened to on the radio’s playback service.

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