Behind-the-Scenes Look at A Young Doctor’s Notebook


Ovation has released three on-set videos in the run up to the season premiere of A Young Doctor’s Notebook  on October 2nd.

“He’s an enthusiastic, wonderful, young man. He’s got a tremendous work ethic and cialis perscription sample is a lovely guy. It’s an important thing to cast somebody in a lead that you have confidence that they’re going to buy generic prednisone be able to pull off the amount of work, especially when you’re working on generic cialis soft tabs a relatively small budget and under schedule constraints. I mean, we’re getting a lot of value for the time we’re spending on shooting this and Dan has been, for the first two weeks, in almost every scene and has pulled all of them off with physical comedy…with tons of generic pack viagra props that aren’t things we normally use. It’s been a blast.

Dan goes on to mention:

“I was so flattered that Jon thought of me and everyone gave me the chance to do us cialis something like this…which is different than anything I’ve done before. Also the buy zetia idea that I may, one day, be as handsome as Jon Hamm – I live in hope!

Catch the sneak peak at the links below:


For fans in the U.K., Sky Arts is expected to air the sequel, A Young Doctor’s Notebook and Other Stories,  in late November/early December.

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