Daniel Radcliffe: a How-To Guide

Ever wondered how to be Dan Radcliffe? Well, here’s a handy 3 step guide, courtesy of Bad Teeth – appreciate your fans, remain grounded, and release all anger. Watch Dan explain it all in the video below.


  • Katie

    lol Irene, it’s so true XD It’s so amazing how he can seriously just let go and and make fun of himself. Let alone BE himself which no one in this society seems to do anymore.

    • Irene

      I agree. All of us have to be quite brave for being genuine but if you are a public person you really have to obtain guts for taking a comfortable mask of generic propecia uk total successfulness and flawlessness off.

  • Irene

    Gosh, it’s charming. One of the things I love about Dan is buy viagra online 50mg his self-irony:D

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