Dan Chats to MTV


MTV have released another video clip from Josh Horowitz’s interview with Dan at the Sundance film festival. Dan talked to Josh about his experiences filming his upcoming horror film Horns, based on the book by Joe Hill. “A few weeks after we finished I woke up one morning thinking, ‘What was that? What was that film I just did?’ It’s so crazy. I feel like I have less concept of what it’s going to be now than when I first started, which is bizarre, but it’s very exciting.”

Dan also talked about the rumours that he will be playing the Hunchback in Max Landis’ adaptation of Frankenstein, saying that he loves the script.

You can watch the cialis fast delivery usa video below.

  • Rina

    I love the book Horns and where to buy generic viagra I can’t wait to see a movie. I agree with Irene, I noticed that the camera was very shaky.

  • Irene

    “My chiropractor is going to be very grateful”, right?.:D Dan is brilliant, as always. I love when Dan talks with Josh, they feather in so well.
    The “Horns” will be very exciting to order cialis online uk see. Dan as a boss.:D But what was happening with the camera? I’ve been dizzy watching the video. Did that cameraman suffer from hangover? I’m sure that it’s not me.:D
    Well, I think the Dan’s words about Hunchback is very promising. Just crossed fingers.

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