"It's shocking by the sheer fact that it's me - otherwise it's entirely unshocking" - Dan talks about the reaction to his sex scenes in Kill Your Darlings
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Sony Pictures Classics picks up Kill Your Darlings

by AlloJan 23, 2013

Radcliffe-DeHaan-Kill-Your-Darlings-2-500x489Good news from The Hollywood Reporter:

Sony Pictures Classics has acquired Kill Your Darlings for just south of $2 million, according to sources.

The deal is for U.S. and Australian, New Zealand, South African, African TV, and Eastern European rights. The film from director John Krokidas is screening at Sundance in the U.S. Dramatic Competition section.
SPC released this statement about the film, complimenting both Dan and director Krokidas:
“This is an amazing movie, a great American drama, thriller, and perfect evocation of New York in the 1940’s as you have never seen on screen before,’ SPC said in a statement. “With an ensemble cast that is truly mind-blowing led by Daniel Radcliffe in a profoundly moving performance as Allen Ginsberg, we are witnessing the birth of a major new American filmmaker.”
Now we sit back and wait patiently (ahem) for release date news. :-)
What's your reaction?
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