Dan speaks to tramadol online overnight shipping Out Magazine, Variety Studio, and BBC News about Kill Your Darlings; CTV eTalk Interview
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“It’s shocking by the sheer fact that it’s me – otherwise it’s entirely unshocking” – Dan talks about the cialis best on-line drugstore reaction to his sex scenes in Kill Your Darlings

by EmmaJan 22, 2013

634_DanielRadcliffe_mh__011813-1Dan is certainly no stranger to roles that stir up unwarranted controversy in the press: December Boys, Equus and the recent A Young Doctor’s Notebook have all made headlines because of buy cialis on line their content. Not because the content is particularly shocking – but because the actor involved is find cheap viagra the face of one of the most successful film franchises in history.

Kill Your Darlings premiered at the Sundance film festival last Friday to rave reviews of Dan and the film, but unfortunately, that seems to have been lost in the reaction to sex scenes involving Dan’s character, Allen Ginsberg.

Dan has spoken to Esquire about the reaction to the scenes, and how he feels it’s not the can i buy ultram online scenes that are shocking. “It’s shocking by the sheer fact that it’s me. Otherwise, it’s entirely unshocking that I’m playing Allen Ginsberg in a film about self and sexual discovery, and there’s a sex scene.”

Dan appears somewhat amused by it all, and says that friends have been texting him amusing quotes from reviews.

For more from the interview, including thoughts on franchise actors transitioning to indie films (and vice versa), and on how bizarre he finds gifting suites (“I have a phone. I’m not looking for a new one no matter how glamourous it may be”), read the full feature at Esquire.

There’s also a lovely interview with Vulture, in which Dan discusses his friendship with Dane and how the two of them want to win the Golden Popcorn for the MTV Best Kiss, and how John Krokidas gave him what was probably his favourite direction of his career. You can read that here.

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Dan speaks to Out Magazine, Variety Studio, and BBC News about Kill Your Darlings; CTV eTalk Interview

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