Dan speaks to cialis no rx required Out Magazine, Variety Studio, and BBC News about Kill Your Darlings; CTV eTalk Interview

killyourdarlings1Dan has spoken to Out Magazine about his role as Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings, explaining that the film is “about young love in whatever form it takes”, and that they were careful to make sure there was no distinctions between how heterosexual and buy viagra online without a prescription homosexual people fall in love.

“The relationship between Allen [Ginsberg] and Lucien [Carr], I think is incredibly universal—you meet somebody who is far more confident, far more charismatic, and seemingly more intelligent than you, and you completely fall in love with them, and then you actually outgrow them, and they come to resent you for it. I think that’s the whole point of relationships is that they do absolutely move you on as a person, and you learn things about yourself as a person, things you like and don’t like, and things you can do generic levitra uk overnight delivery better next time you are with somebody.”

To read the sale viagra full interview, click here.

BBC News has published an excellent interview with Dan and his experience of filming Kill Your Darlings. Thank you to GRA’s Carole for the link.

In other news, Variety Studio has released their video interview with Dan, director John Krokidas, and the cast of  Kill Your Darlings, and you can watch it here.

Finally, CTV eTalk have uploaded their interview with Dan from the 2012 Whistler Film Festival, and you can watch it below (via IMDB)


  • Irene

    “Lucille Carr” was amazing :D
    The interesting stuff whom we fall in love with and why it ends.:) Essentially, Dan said that a long- time mutual love just can not exist as you move on and outgrow someone (you really do).

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