Dan Hosts Have I Got News For You

hignfyDan was the guest host of online medicines rx cialis viagra order the BBC’s satirical panel show “Have I Got News For You” on Friday (Dec 21 – series 44, episode 10, for those of you keeping score at home) and if you’re reading this now… YAY!!  (Watch the show, you’ll see what I mean!)  If you’ve not heard of this show before, Dan’s job was to moderate a less-than-reverent discussion of current UK news topics with series regulars Ian Hislop and find the cheapest viagra for sale Paul Merton, and guests Sara Cox and Andy Hamilton, in a sort of game show format.  Hilarity ensues!

UPDATE: There was a YouTube video link here but it got pulled for copyright reasons.  I’m pretty sure there’s a few clips out there still but I’m not going to order viagra us link them directly in case the buy cialis online from canadacheap cialis tablets YouTube Police strike again.  Definitely worth seeking out though.

  • Katie Conn

    I am so excitec to see this! I love Dan soooo much x. x I am actually doing a biography project on him in language arts and i have to get in front of everyone and speak as if I am him!!!!!!! I am going to kick butt in there because they have no idea how epic he is, or WHO is really, for that matter.

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