Dan’s interview in The Independent; Whistler Film Festival

Dan speaks to The Independent

In an interview with The Independent’s Christina Patterson to promote the canadian viagra and healthcare upcoming A Young Doctor’s Notebook, Dan spoke of where can i buy viagra his love of the work of the author Mikhail Bulgakov, and about the fact that fear is very much a motivating factor for him.

On his favourite book, The Master and try it Margarita, having had an impact on a whole culture, just like Harry Potter:”It is,” says Radcliffe, and he doesn’t seem to generic viagra cheapest flinch at the question, “something that has. It’s in the collective consciousness of a generation, and there are words that are now filtering into the language, like Quidditch and Muggle. It’s a shared set of references, I suppose, and it’s quite universal. Potter was so massively wide-ranging, and read by everyone.” I nod. I feel a bit guilty, but I still nod. It was read by pretty much everyone. Just not, unfortunately, by me. “I’m always pleased,” says Radcliffe, and he sounds as though he means it, “to be associated with something that was so important. And it’s not just a franchise. It’s only really in the past few years that that word has been bandied around, and it makes everything seem very cold and business-like. We were always wanting to prove ourselves and get better with every film.”

On fear being a motivating factor:

“Oh, it’s very motivating,” says Radcliffe, with an eagerness that has me smiling again. “I don’t want anyone ever to say ‘you know, maybe somebody could do Dan’s job better than him’. In the past, they could legitimately say that at certain points. I haven’t always been thrilled with my work. But the fear of not proving the people wrong who think you can’t emerge from a franchise and do well, that’s a very strong driving force.”

You can read the pharmacy tramadol utram entire interview here

Spotlight on viagra prescription Daniel Radcliffe at the Whistler Film Festival


On Friday evening, Dan took part in a conversation with George Stroumboulopoulos at Whistler Film Festival, as part of their Spotlight Series. You can read highlights of it's cool the event here, courtesy of The Vancouver Sun. The event was filmed, so fingers crossed it will show up online soon.

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