New interview with Dan to air on buy levitra on sale online Sky Showcase

Sky Showcase is set to air a new, one hour interview with Dan called “Daniel Radcliffe: Being Harry Potter” this coming Friday at 7pm.

From Sky TV Guide: A brand new in-depth interview with the star of the spellbinding franchise, who discusses how the Potter phenomenon has changed his life.

The interview will then be repeated on the following days:

  • Saturday, 10th November, 3:15pm, Sky Showcase
  • Saturday, 10th November, 6pm, Sky1
  • Sunday, 11th November, 11:20am, Sky Family
  • Sunday, 11th November, 9pm, Sky1.
According to various news articles released today, Dan will talk about striving to prove that he can make it as an adult actor, his obsession with cricket, and his worries about people being disappointed when they meet him in real life.
I can’t promise that we’ll be able to capture this for you, but we’ll try.

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