Round up

Hello everyone, and apologies for the recentĀ absence – my time online has been limited by ongoing renovation work on my house, so I’ve not been able to post.

I’d also like to apologise for the increasing amount of spam in the comments. We’re looking into ways to try and cheap uk viagra reduce and/or manage the levitra canada overnight spam, so please bear with us.

Now, on with the update!

First off, we have a lovely interview with Dan from The Advocate, in which he talks about The Woman in Black, why he signed up for Kill Your Darlings, and why he became involved with The Trevor Project. You can read the interview here.

Yahoo! omg also had the opportunity to cheap discount cialis speak to Dan during his promotion of The Woman in Black‘s upcoming release on buying levitra in usa DVD and Blu Ray. The interview features discussion about The MTV movie awards and has a delightfully random Joe Pasquale reference, and it can be watched here.

Dan has started filming forĀ A Young Doctor’s Notebook, which is due to be broadcast in 2013 on Sky Arts. We’ll keep you updated as news comes in.

Finally, Total Film has opened votes on its Total Film Hotlist awards, and you can vote for The Woman in Black in The Hottest Film category, for Dan in The Hottest Actor category, and for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two; Voldemort’s death scene in Hottest Scene.

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