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Dan Radcliffe Answers Questions on Twitter

by LaurenMay 18, 2012

Well, it seems he’s home, and obviously he has gone straight into publicity for the DVD launch of The Woman in Black – out on May 22nd in the US and on June 18th in the UK – and today he was answering Twittered questions on IGNUK’s Twitter.

I have helpfully copied and pasted the questions and answers for you, to preserve them, and they are behind the Read More.

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack what was your fave sceen to film in the Woman in black? Love you Danā™„
#WomanInBlack Dan says: All the scenes with my son, he’s my real-life god-son! @RebeccaTWx

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack What is your favourite go to computer game of all time?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Either Madden, or back in the day Sonic on the Megadrive! @The_Real_Arran

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack What made you decide doing a horror film just after HP?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: It was the best script that I’d read & the chance to work with director James Watkins @moizshawalchi

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack What is your biggest fear? x
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Being buried alive, and yellowstone volcano gives me nightmares! @MlleSvenskah

@IGNUK What would your dream movie role be? #WomanInBlack
#WomanInBlack Dan says: I’d love to direct, but I’d love to do more comedy @TanujDua

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack Hello! If you could be in any film, past, present or future, what movie would it be?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: I’d have to say either 12 Angry Men (any part!) and A Matter of Life and Death (the Niven part) @CarlStuart_

@IGNUK Do you believe a little bit in more ghosts than you did before? #WomanInBlack
#WomanInBlack Dan says: No, this film was made entirely by cynics, all non-believers! @HayleyTheRumour

@IGNUK Dan, I love your taste in music! What are you listening to on your ipod these days?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Slow Club, Florence and the Machine’s latest album and… The Shivers @KiwiMcI

@IGNUK Sorry to ask such an immature question, but if you had to choose, would you pick Team Edward or Team Jacob? #WomanInBlack
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Team Edward – as I’ve worked with Rob @irritabletoad

@IGNUK Hi Dan :) what was it about ‘Kill Your Darlings’ that made you want to be a part of it? #WomenInBlack
#WomanInBlack Dan says: The material resonated with me & it’s a brilliantly written script, and to work with an amazing cast @SimplyTheZoe

@IGNUK will you ever get twitter yourself dan? #thewomeninblack
#WomanInBlack Dan says: No, probably not, I could never be concise enough! @Chlowilliamsx

@IGNUK would you like to do a musical in the west end? #WomanInBlack
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Absolutely, H2S didn’t come to the UK as I didn’t think it would have same appeal here. But in the future.. @Whamie

@IGNUK Hi Dan, what is your best gadget?:D
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Slingbox, it lets me watch UK TV in America. Cricket mainly! @RainbowHollie

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack Hi Dan, what is your favourite novel ever? Congrats with everything by the way :) X
#WomanInBlack Dan says: The Master and Margarita, by Mikhail Bulgakov. So much imagination in one book! @LowriBearman

@IGNUK – Which superpower would you choose, invisibility or flight? Why?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Neither, super-speed like Wally West the Scarlet Speedster! @BeckBockk

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack Hi Dan, what movie are you most looking forward to coming out this year?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Ted the Seth McFarlane film, looks hilarious! @MsterJames

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack Is there someone you really want to work with ?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Directors, the Coen Bros. & Chris Nolan. Actors – Jesse Eisenberg, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone. @AsooAkeel

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack Were you a fan of the play before seeing the movie script?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: I hadn’t seen the play, we never did that school trip! But I’ve vowed to see it now! @bexlectric

@IGNUK what was it like to film the scenes within the house itself? x #WomanInBlack
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Kave Quinn’s set was amazing and made it easy to act scared! @laurenellice

@IGNUK Dan, I’m on itunes right now. What songs should I buy? #WomanInBlack
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Buy An Evening Wasted with Tom Lehrer, you’ll laugh A LOT @KiwiMcI

@IGNUK #womaninblack Hi Dan do you sit and read all of your fanmail that you get? :)
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Not as much as I’d like to, but as much as is humanly possible. @RebeccaTWx

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack Who is your favourite James Bond and why?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: I love Daniel Craig, but Pierce is the Bond of my youth! @RobChappell88

@IGNUK What was it like working with Ciaran Hinds in the Woman in Black compared to the last HP? Any different or the same? :) #WomanInBlack
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Ciaran is a complete gentlemen, I’ve never seen an actor make it look so easy! @LeeJ2512

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack Hi Dan, Whats your fave TV show? If you could star in any tv show, which one would it be?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: South Park, 30 Rock or Parks and Recreation. I’d love to be in 30 Rock! @jonnydavison

@IGNUK are you looking forward to Prometheus?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Absolutely, I’m very excited for Prometheus! @MartinDLindsay

@IGNUK What’s your earliest childhood memory? #WomanInBlack
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Thinking it would funny to call 999 when I was 5. I learnt that was wrong very quickly! @LizCavanagh

#WomanInBlack Dan says: Thanks for all your questions, I hope you enjoy the film on DVD. Thanks for the support!

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