Well, it seems he’s home, and obviously he has gone straight into publicity for the www.ips.org.pk DVD launch of The Woman in Black – out on May 22nd in the US and on www.radiosirokibrijeg.com June 18th in the UK – and today he was answering Twittered questions on IGNUK’s Twitter.

I have helpfully copied and no presciption cialis pasted the 100 pill tramadol questions and answers for you, to preserve them, and they are behind the Read More.

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack what was your fave sceen to film in the Woman in black? Love you Dan♄
#WomanInBlack Dan says: All the where to find levitra scenes with my son, he’s my real-life god-son! @RebeccaTWx

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack What is your favourite go to buy viagra without prescription computer game of all time?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Either Madden, or back in the day Sonic on the Megadrive! @The_Real_Arran

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack What made you decide doing a horror film just after HP?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: It was the best script that I’d read & the chance to work with director James Watkins @moizshawalchi

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack What is your biggest fear? x
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Being buried alive, and yellowstone volcano gives me nightmares! @MlleSvenskah

@IGNUK What would your dream movie role be? #WomanInBlack
#WomanInBlack Dan says: I’d love to direct, but I’d love to do more comedy @TanujDua

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack Hello! If you could be in any film, past, present or future, what movie would it be?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: I’d have to say either 12 Angry Men (any part!) and A Matter of Life and Death (the Niven part) @CarlStuart_

@IGNUK Do you believe a little bit in more ghosts than you did before? #WomanInBlack
#WomanInBlack Dan says: No, this film was made entirely by cynics, all non-believers! @HayleyTheRumour

@IGNUK Dan, I love your taste in music! What are you listening to on your ipod these days?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Slow Club, Florence and the Machine’s latest album and… The Shivers @KiwiMcI

@IGNUK Sorry to ask such an immature question, but if you had to choose, would you pick Team Edward or Team Jacob? #WomanInBlack
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Team Edward – as I’ve worked with Rob @irritabletoad

@IGNUK Hi Dan :) what was it about ‘Kill Your Darlings’ that made you want to only best offers be a part of wow it's great it? #WomenInBlack
#WomanInBlack Dan says: The material resonated with me & it’s a brilliantly written script, and to work with an amazing cast @SimplyTheZoe

@IGNUK will you ever get twitter yourself dan? #thewomeninblack
#WomanInBlack Dan says: No, probably not, I could never be concise enough! @Chlowilliamsx

@IGNUK would you like to do a musical in the west end? #WomanInBlack
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Absolutely, H2S didn’t come to the UK as I didn’t think it would have same appeal here. But in the future.. @Whamie

@IGNUK Hi Dan, what is visit our site your best gadget?:D
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Slingbox, it lets me watch UK TV in America. Cricket mainly! @RainbowHollie

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack Hi Dan, what is your favourite novel ever? Congrats with everything by the way :) X
#WomanInBlack Dan says: The Master and Margarita, by Mikhail Bulgakov. So much imagination in one book! @LowriBearman

@IGNUK – Which superpower would you choose, invisibility or flight? Why?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Neither, super-speed like Wally West the Scarlet Speedster! @BeckBockk

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack Hi Dan, what movie are you most looking forward to coming out this year?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Ted the Seth McFarlane film, looks hilarious! @MsterJames

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack Is there someone you really want to work with ?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Directors, the Coen Bros. & Chris Nolan. Actors – Jesse Eisenberg, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone. @AsooAkeel

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack Were you a fan of the play before seeing the movie script?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: I hadn’t seen the play, we never did that school trip! But I’ve vowed to see it now! @bexlectric

@IGNUK what was it like to film the scenes within the house itself? x #WomanInBlack
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Kave Quinn’s set was amazing and made it easy to act scared! @laurenellice

@IGNUK Dan, I’m on itunes right now. What songs should I buy? #WomanInBlack
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Buy An Evening Wasted with Tom Lehrer, you’ll laugh A LOT @KiwiMcI

@IGNUK #womaninblack Hi Dan do you sit and read all of your fanmail that you get? :)
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Not as much as I’d like to, but as much as is humanly possible. @RebeccaTWx

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack Who is your favourite James Bond and womans cialis why?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: I love Daniel Craig, but Pierce is the Bond of my youth! @RobChappell88

@IGNUK What was it like working with Ciaran Hinds in the Woman in Black compared to cialis buying online the last HP? Any different or the same? :) #WomanInBlack
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Ciaran is a complete gentlemen, I’ve never seen an actor make it look so easy! @LeeJ2512

@IGNUK #WomanInBlack Hi Dan, Whats your fave TV show? If you could star in any tv show, which one would it be?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: South Park, 30 Rock or Parks and Recreation. I’d love to be in 30 Rock! @jonnydavison

@IGNUK are you looking forward to Prometheus?
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Absolutely, I’m very excited for Prometheus! @MartinDLindsay

@IGNUK What’s your earliest childhood memory? #WomanInBlack
#WomanInBlack Dan says: Thinking it would funny to call 999 when I was 5. I learnt that was wrong very quickly! @LizCavanagh

#WomanInBlack Dan says: Thanks for all your questions, I hope you enjoy the film on DVD. Thanks for the support!