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Full Report from The Woman in Black Toronto Premiere

by ClaireFeb 2, 2012

Here, as promised, is my full black carpet report from The Woman in Black Toronto premiere; simply click on Read more to find out all about it. Of course, you can also find the companion photos and videos here:

Photos – Video

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Who: Why, Dan Radcliffe of course!

What: Alliance Films’ The Woman in Black Toronto Premiere

When: Thursday January 26, 2012

Where: Scotia Bank Theatre, Toronto

Why: Because we, at DanRadcliffe.com, are dedicated to the promotion of Dan’s many exciting projects!


The time line:


4:15 pm – Arrival at the Scotia Bank Theatre in downtown Toronto after a brisk walk from the Royal York Hotel. I know it’s much too early to be there, but it’s raining (albeit mild) and I have a whole lot nervous energy to burn. Nothing is set up outside… that’s strange. At first I think “Has the Premiere venue been changed again?” I am so used to early preparations for Potter premieres that this lack of anything visible is a bit of a surprise to me. I then spot a small line of fans waiting by the entrance and decide to enter the cinema, where I see a black table in the lobby with a poster of the film next to it. Ha! I have found the location! But where is everyone?


4:20 pm – I know we Canadians are a very relaxed bunch of people, but the lack of pre-premiere activity is really intriguing me; shouldn’t there be some sort of carpet, barriers, lights, bustling people, barked out orders? I then meet a young woman from the Messenger (a university newspaper), also looking for the press table. Hello, there are now two of us who have no idea what to do!


4:25 pm – We finally see what we believe to be a staff member, wearing an ID badge, and think: “Wonderful, now we can ask about where to go”. The gentleman in question enquires about what we are looking for, and we explain that we are media members invited to cover the WIB premiere. He says that we’re early (well, yes!), and to please wait in the lobby.


4:30 pm – A cinema staffer approaches to tell us that the line for tickets to the premiere is outside, so we explain to her that we’re with the media and she tells us to wait in the lobby. Well, we knew that since that’s what we were already doing, right? I mentally roll my eyes while politely thanking her.


4:35 pm – A crew from CityTv enters the building and heads up a huge escalator. We think “why are they going up to the next floor when we were told to wait in the lobby?” We then follow the group upstairs and see a black carpet with an Alliance film backdrop. Aha, and bingo!


4:38pm – We meet the lovely Claire from Alliance films and sign-in. She shows us to our pre-reserved spots on the carpet and then explains to us what to expect during the premiere. I must say that everyone I met from Alliance films was extremely nice and friendly, and I was secretly thrilled that the premiere was happening inside, in the warmth and out of the rain (Sorry to all those who got cold and wet in London!)


4:40 pm – Now we wait. I’ll do a time warp…


6:15 pm – … Claire comes hurrying down the media line (there are about 20 of us, all from different press outlets) to let us know that Daniel would be arriving in about 2 minutes. Yes!!!


6:16 pm – I see Dan’s publicist. My heart beats faster… any minute now!


6:17 pm – I see Dan’s bodyguard, Spase. Any minute now…


6:25 pm – Still nothing. Man, that’s the longest 2 minutes ever!


6:30pm –  I’m just about ready to shut down my camera to save the battery, when out of nowhere Daniel comes rushing in (at least he appeared to be rushing, judging from the blur in my first ruined set of photos) and heads straight to the photographers’ pit, just as we were told he would.


6:32 pm- Dan’s already making his way down the carpet! Gosh those Photographers had to be quick. Talk about ‘point and shoot’!


6:33 pm – I’m trying to take pictures of Daniel from where I am standing, but my silly camera keeps focussing on Spase instead. Sheesh!


6:35 pm – I meet Dan’s publicist who, I might add, was actually looking for me (Danradcliffe.com), to make sure I’d get a chance to ask Daniel a question. Yay! That’s a first! That was awfully grand of him.


6:40pm – Daniel is now positioned right in front of me, gorgeous and exuberant as always. And I mean REALLY right in front of me… ‘I can actually see the little red vein in your right eye, sir’ kind of that close in front of me. So close that I am actually having a hard time keeping him in my camera frame, so I move my hand back to shoulder level. I get to ask him a question (see video), which he answers beautifully, and then he moves on. Sigh… I keep taking photos.


6:45 pm – It’s over. I ask Claire if perhaps there is a ticket left over for me to see the film, but she tells me probably not because all tickets were claimed. I thank her prettily for the wonderful premiere, then pack up and head for the escalator.


6:50 pm – I happen to notice some tickets to the screening on the table in the lobby and decide once again to try my luck. I’m informed, when I enquire, that I have to line up outside if I wish to obtain one, subject to availability since whatever is left will be handed out on a first come first served basis. Having covered five Potter premieres in the past, I am thinking “well, so much for that. Fans must have been lining up since yesterday for these. I’ll just head back to my hotel and have a bite to eat.” Once outside I see, to my huge surprise, a line of no more than 20 people waiting. Of course, I decide to line up as well and before I know it, I’m getting my hand stamped and being asked to leave my cameras with security at the door of the screening room. I am in!


7:15 pm – The room is positively packed with people, mostly women, but there are a few guys as well, some clutching Harry Potter posters and memorabilia (Arggghhh!), others just munching on snacks.


7:20 pm – A host from a radio station enters the room and introduces Daniel for a Q&A session before the film. Suddenly everyone in the audience is in frenzy, and a girl yells out “I love you, Daniel!” to which he responds “I love you too, but we should see other people!” Hilarious! The Q&A is short and sweet, and then it’s time for the feature.


7:30 pm – The film starts. I’m already way too nervous!


In a nutshell (I’ll try not to include any spoilers):


General thoughts: The Woman in Black is brilliantly directed and the cinematography is amazing. On a scale of 1 to 10 on the scare o’ meter, I’d say this film is a 20! I believe I suffered about fifty heart attacks while watching it, and must have lost what feels like 10 years of my life in the process. I was seriously in need of someone to cling to!


Daniel mentioned in the Q&A session that this particular movie has a ‘Japanese Horror film’ feel to it, and I would say that is pretty accurate. There is no gore, but the timing of the visuals, sound effects and music make this film scarier than any Saw or Final Destiny movie out there.


The film is very well cast, from the adorable little boy who plays Arthur Kipp’s son, to the actress who portrays the ever present Woman in Black. As for Dan, his performance is clean, strong and credible throughout, conveying a range of emotions that we could easily feel right along with his character, from sadness, to fear, to despair. The soundtrack is beautiful and suits the mood of the film perfectly and, as I mentioned before, the cinematography is outstanding.     


The Woman in Black is a very powerful piece of story telling, and I was so shocked and traumatized by the time the lights came back on that I am almost ashamed to admit that I absolutely had to leave the theatre then and there and skipped out on the second half of the Q&A; I also left the lights on in my room all night and had a terrible time falling asleep!


So Daniel, you hope your fans will walk away scared from The Woman in Black? Well I for one don’t think that will be a problem!


Coralie Heiler

for DanRadcliffe.com

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