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News round up: H2S, Woman in Black, scheduled Dan appearances
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Round Up as Dan Radcliffe Leaves How to Succeed

by LaurenJan 2, 2012


It was an amazing journey, and he silenced doubts (not least his own) left, right and centre as he transformed into an old fashioned song and dance man, but it is over, for now. Dan’s last performance in How to Succeed was last night, and our own Emma was in the audience and tears, along with the man himself, and reports that he was extraordinary and that the standing ovation for Brotherhood of Man, no matter the standing ovation at the end, lasted five minutes!

So, as they turn off his name in lights and strip the theatre, here is our final H2S round up.’s readers voted Dan their Star off the Year, prompting the site to produce an exclusive portrait:

Here are their five reasons they love Dan :

1. He never missed a performance.

2. He mastered Rob Ashford’s musical numbers, with no star “cheating.”

3. He handled his Tony snub with aplomb.

4. He kicked off the first Audience Choice Awards ceremony.

5. He loves to laugh—including when the joke is on him.

They snuck into the theatre to record Dan’s co-stars’ reactions to his being named Star of the Year, which are all heart warming and sniffle making.

The compilation video of fans’ farewells is up, here.

The show broke box office records in his final week, and here is footage of his speech, after his final final curtain.

So, it is all over.

Can we have him home, please?

Thank you, Judith and Helen, for the links.

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