Dan Radcliffe Round Up

No, not something about horses – that is so 2007… just me pretending I meant to leave it until Sunday to post a round of levitra no rx up of bits and www.pvretreats.org pieces of news.

There is a charming and supportive interview in the Daily Mail by the always supportive Baz Bamigboye, here. The most important titbit of information contained within – apart from tantalising us with mention of “a comedy lined up for further down the road” – is confirmation of Kill Your Darlings.

We’d held off posting speculation, but now we can link you to Twitch Film’s original article, breaking the news that Dan was lined up to play a young Allen Ginsberg, in a dramatisation of his experiences at university, when he first met Jack Kerouac and William S Burroughs.

It tells the buy chinese herbal viagra story of canadian cialis 50mg their friend Lucien Carr and the lover that he murdered, David Kammerer, and an early script seems to best buy generic cialis contain sufficient murder and sex that it’ll need a 15 certificate at the very least.

Two years ago Chris Evans (not the Chris Evans, stalwart of breakfast radio, but the one who was in *Googles* uh, well I’ve only seen him in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) and Ben Whishaw were linked with the roles of Kerouac and Carr, but that is plenty of time for things to have changed, and I know Whishaw is very busy.

Next, we have news of Monday and Tuesday’s Gypsy of the Year performances. Not only is Dan scheduled to present an award, but the cast of How to Succeed will be performing… something new and exciting that we can only imagine and cheapest priced propecia get wrong… who can forget the cast of Equus at the same ceremony in 2008?

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