Audio from Empire Big Screen’s The Woman in Black panel; scans from Total Film magazine; new WiB picture from EW

Earlier today, The Woman in Black director James Watkins took part in a panel to promote the film at this year’s Empire Big Screen, and DRC special correspondent Shari was in attendance. Shari was able to record audio of the panel, which you can download here. Mr. Watkins speaks very highly of Dan, and it’s well worth a listen. Thanks, Shari!

GRA‘s Carole has kindly scanned the The Woman in Black article from this month’s Total Film magazine. Click on the thumbnails below to read the larger versions. Thank you, Carole!

And finally, SnitchSeeker posted a new The Woman in Black (courtesy of Mediocrechick) from this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. SS reports that we can expect a high-res version of how to get viagra illegaly the image below the propecia 1 mg on sale ‘read more’ this coming Monday, and that the US trailer is set for release next week.

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