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Exclusives Exclusive Stage Door and NY Premiere Photos and Video Clips

by drcomJul 15, 2011

Thank you for your patience while I sorted through the promised photos and footage from my trip to New York and the North American premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. You will find the photos here (premiere) and here (stage door), and my video clips here:

Dan at the premiereDan at the stage door

You can read my trip report under the cut. I hope you enjoy all these exclusive goodies!


The event: Trip to New York July 10th and 11th for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 North American Premiere


The players: My name is Coralie and I have been on staff at since 2004, which makes me what one would call a ‘fixture’. This is levitra 20 my 5th Harry Potter premiere. Nicole, the trusted sidekick with a knack for great pictures and a quick sense of humor that stems from watching too many Bugs Bunny cartoons while growing up. This is Nicole’s 4th HP premiere. Jean, the relative newbie who always manages to get great birds’ eye view shots of everything because he is 6’1”, which is like being on the second floor to our street level vantage point. This is Jean’s 2nd HP premiere.


Day 1 – I will start my trip report by saying that I really wanted to see Dan in “How to Succeed in Business” on the Sunday before the premiere, so we decided to try our luck standing in line for $30 general rush tickets and proceeded to cialis for women arrive at the theatre around 9:30AM (the box office opens at noon on Sundays, and the play starts at 3:00PM); to our dismay, the line at that time was already quite long as it had started forming (we were later informed) at 6:00AM. We debated the merits of waiting anyway, and decided to stick around just in case; we even had some free ‘entertainment’ as two women started brawling across the street while their boyfriends looked on. We were pretty sure that fists were going to fly, but thankfully they settled down before any real harm could be done. In the mean time, the line we were in kept growing, but not only behind us! What people apparently do is hold spaces in line for their friends, who amble over much later to join in, so when the box office opened promptly at noon, the rush tickets ran out about five people ahead of us and we left empty handed.


I was, of course, a woman on buy viagra pills a mission to get some exclusive goodies for you, our faithful readers, so around 3:00PM I returned to the theatre with Jean to check out the set-up for stage door photos and autographs. We thought we would have plenty of time to savor a nice cold drink before lining up, but low and behold the fans were already in line so we joined the pharmacy cialis throng for what turned out to original brand cialis be our second very long and hot wait of the day! We even saw some patrons step out at intermission, and place themselves in line for autographs instead of returning inside for the second half of the show (I wanted to call out “Give Me Your Tickets People!”, but was simply too hot to muster the energy). In a way, this was a friendlier stage door experience than for Equus because more of the cast members came out and signed for the waiting fans, including John Laroquette who made it a point to reach over the heads and we like it grab as many items as he could to sign. When Dan finally appeared, it was almost 6:30PM (the play finished at 5:40PM). The crowd got very pushy and boisterous then, and at one point Dan’s bodyguard reached over the barrier to pull a little boy out of the pen where he risked getting crushed. It was rather sweet to watch Daniel hobnob with him; he will definitely make a great father one day! Even funnier to me was the fact that the child kept referring to buy ultram er canada Dan’s bodyguard as “Spaso” until one of the security men gently corrected him and told him his name was pronounced “Spas-eh” (See? You learned something new just now!) . We managed to get some decent photos and video footage before meeting up with Nicole for supper and a long overdue round of where to order viagra online cold drinks!


Day 2 – In hindsight, we should not have walked around town all morning as we were totally flaked by the time we had to head over to the premiere! Again, it was an extremely hot day (about 36 Celsius/95 Fahrenheit) and there was no shade where the best price for generic cialis press pens were set up. We heard that some fans who were waiting across the street (some of them for days) had to be treated for heat exhaustion! The Warner Bros. staff members in attendance were extremely considerate, coming around regularly with bottles of water that were unfortunately tepid by the time they reached us, but refreshing nonetheless. By the time we were in position and tightly hemmed in on all sides, it was time for the arrivals. In attendance were the Davids (Heyman, Yates and Barron), Steve Kloves, Tom Felton, Alan Rickman, Matthew Lewis, Rupert, Emma and Daniel.


A couple of amusing side notes: I had decided, for the occasion, to make myself a Golden Snitch fascinator, and I strongly suspect that a lot of the photos taken in the area where I was standing have at least one white fluffy wing in them! You will also notice my creation in some of my video footage. I had also made some miniature snitches with white feathers and viagra china gold beads to hand out to the Potter celebrities for the occasion, and they were quite a hit. I was not able to hand Dan’s snitch to him directly as I was busy with my camera, but I held it out to Spase in the hopes that he would later give it to generic brands of viagra online Dan on my behalf. He looked it over very, very carefully from a distance before side stepping towards me, taking it from my hand and stuffing it in his pocket. It was quite funny really, because I don’t believe that I am particularly dangerous looking (especially when I am wearing a snitch on my head), and the handmade miniature snitch was all of 6 centimeters of harmless white fluff in a clear plastic pouch, but there you go!


Everyone who came around to chat was friendly and enthusiastic, and I actually felt like I was in the presence of buy cialis online online a href old friends, but let’s talk about Dan, shall we? It was around 6:00PM when his arrival was announced (the premiere had started at 5PM, and the gala screening was supposed to take place at 6:30PM), so I knew I wouldn’t have much time to act! He finally appeared with his assortment of escorts, bodyguard and publicist to the left of where I was standing with Nicole (Jean had been following him down the carpet with the video camera held up at arm’s length), and proceeded to answer questions for the various media outlets clumped together at that spot. Once he’d finished, they hurried him along and he was just starting to walk past me (which is what had happened at the NY premiere of Deathly Hallows – part 1) when I held out my hand and called out “”! I imagine I could have lost my limb to Spase, but the risk was worth taking as  Dan took a step back to shake my hand (for those who are wondering, he has a firm grip but not the type that will make your eyes bug out), thus allowing me the we like it chance to when will viagra be available as a generic speak with him. He was considerate and gracious as I asked him a question he must have heard a gazillion times before (favorite recollection of all the Potter movies), and he took his time to answer me before moving on to field the next question. Moments later, he was spirited out of the press area at top speed as the gala screening of the movie was by then overdue.   


Unfortunately we did not get to attend a press screening of the movie, which is apparently outstanding, but at least we don’t have much longer to wait! I also want to mention what a pleasure it was for me to hobnob with Rosey Edeh (ET Canada), Claire ( and Stephanie (TLC) on the red carpet. This last Harry Potter premiere was certainly a bittersweet one, but the memories will last forever and I feel privileged to have been allowed the opportunity of covering these on behalf of throughout the years.

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