TheaterMania Interviews Dan

As a nominee for a Drama Desk award, Dan attended the recent nominee reception, and thanks to GRA‘s Carole and her command of Google, we have two video interviews to share with you (which refuse to how does viagra work embed, so the links are below).

TheaterMania | Joy Brown.

The Drama Desk Awards will be presented 23rd May.

UPDATE : there are some lovely quotes from an interview with John Larroquette over at Digital Spy

“I didn’t know anything about him before being offered the job and I thought, ‘Well, we’ll see who he is and if we get along.’ He’s incredibly well grounded and a consummate professional,” Larroquette explained.

“He’s a workaholic. He’s serious about it and he has wonderful talents. I worked with another child star toward the adolescent part of his career and he was a little more troubled. Dan is a perfect gentleman.”

And there is an opportunity to Tweet questions to Jordan Roth for an interview Dan is doing on buy soft generic viagra cheapest Monday (9/5) at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan. Just Tweet @jordan_roth.

Thanks to Anna and Samara for the best place levitra links.

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