Date For H2$ Original Cast Recording

In a rather lovely article on the H2$ opening night at, we have a quote from producer Craig Zadan :

“When he decided to do this, he literally spent 17 hours a week training to sing and viagra overnite dance. What’s the most interesting part of that number is viagra for order that Daniel’s actually doing all the steps that the dancers are doing. Usually, when it’s a star, they give him the easy steps, and the dancers do the hard steps behind him. Daniel’s doing everything they’re doing. He said, ‘I don’t want to do an easy version of it. I want you to give me the hardest version of this I can have, and I’m going to learn it.’”

And, perhaps most importantly, record producer Robert Sher said he plans to do the original cast recording April 10 and 11 at Manhattan Center. “We’ll release it on June 6 on Decca Broadway.”

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