Rob Ashford Believes in Daniel Radcliffe

In this lovely new interview posted at, How to Succeed in Business director Rob Ashford explains why he believes (of course, we already know why!) so much in Dan:

“Dan could not be a better fit for Finch (the character portrayed by Dan in the play). He’s the type of guy who would leap off a cliff and good choice figure out how he’s going to land halfway down. Even though he once told me he couldn’t dance at all, he threw himself into rigorous training with determination and fearlessness. And now, Dan leads the show’s climactic production number, “Brotherhood of Man,” with joy and confidence.

Dan brings his own youthful energy to Finch. Like Dan himself, his Finch doesn’t sit back and contemplate; he dives into a problem and solves it. Dan is at once innocent and fiercely intelligent. This particular energy is what is so joyous for me about having Dan and Rose Hemingway (Rosemary) and the other younger people in the show: They give a modern spin to the period characters they’re playing.”

Hear, hear! 

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