Director's Cut : Second Interview with Dan Radcliffe and Rob Ashford
Break a Leg, Dan!

First Reactions to H2$ on Twitter

by ClaireFeb 26, 2011

It’s nearly 5am in the UK, and I really have to get some sleep, but Emma gets up at 6am for work, and I want her to see some lovely comments from the Twitterverse, and from someone I know who was in the audience…

  • Wow…. His big dance number was AMAZING!!! Great job DanRad! welcome BACK to Broadway!!!!
  • Intermission. Loving it!! Daniel Radcliffe is such a great leading man. So happy to be here at the 1st preview!
  • this is a hit! Daniel Radcliffe never ceases to amaze
  • Grand Old Ivy is a much bigger number than I’ve seen in other productions… Good thing people cheered for at least a full minute after, because he was very out of breath.
  • Show finished great – audience went crazy. Everybody loved Daniel Radcliffe.
  • Harry who? Dan is SO different! His American voice is higher and makes him sound his age.
  • His singing voice is light and sweet, and while it’s by no means perfect, he can hit high notes I never thought he would.
  • Daniel Radcliffe can sing, dance and act with an American accent. @ was a great success. The audience loved it. I predict a long run.
  • DANIEL RADCLIFFE after a totally triumphant first performance! [Twitpic at the stage door]

Don’t forget to comment if you see it, and let us know just how blown away you were.


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