HQ/MQ H2$ Photos; Uli Weber

Thank you to Sabine, who alerted us to MQ and HQ versions of the H2$ promos on danradcliffe.de (some courtesy of danradcliffe.co.uk). There is also a much larger version of a lovely photo of Dan with Anderson Cooper, the newly appointed narrator of H2$. Click on the thumbnails below to be taken to the full-size versions.

Uli Weber, the photographer responsible for the http://chainhotels.com/viagra-best-buy London Equus images that introduced the world to the concept of http://www.urecycle.org/generic-cialis-shipping Daniel Radcliffe the man, has published a book of his work. Entitled Portaits, the cover shot is the incredibly striking photo of Dan with the white horse, and you can purchase the book via Amazon for £25.62. Whilst not cheap, the book looks stunning and soft viagra tablets would be at home on cialis european any coffee table.

Weber spoke to cialis arterial fibrillation Photo Pro Magazine  regarding his book, and had this to say:

Daniel Radcliffe has made the cover of the book and Weber confesses that it was never a contest to see which image would make it into that prime position. “It was a straightforward choice,” he says matter-of-factly. “It was a great shot and it was the one that worked the purchase viagra soft tabs best. We set it up in a large studio in Park Royal in west London and just hung up two gigantic sheets of black velvet behind him, with matting down on the floor for the times when the horse might forget itself!”.

The magazine features Weber’s portrait of Dan’s Potter co-star Bonnie Wright (also featured in the book), and is currently on sale in UK newsagents.

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