A Bit of Cuteness for Your Saturday

This isn’t new for those of you who live in countries that have seen the release of the Ultimate Collector’s Editions of the first four Harry Potter  films, but for those of you like myself and Lauren (Harry Potter is a British book, by a British author, and its film adaptations are filmed in Britain – NO UCE’s for YOU, Great Britain!), this is the cutest thing you’ll ever see.

If you don’t go AAAWWW (sorry Dan, but you were an adorable little boy, and you’ll just have to learn to live with people going AAAWWW!) after watching a ten year-old Dan talk about dragons and then go on to act out a scene from Prisoner of Azkaban three years before that film was shot, then you’re made of much sterner stuff than I am. And the group screen test of Dan and co-stars Rupert Grint and Emma Watson is just too cute for words.

Despite being very wee, he doesn’t fit in one column, so click on ‘read more’…


Thank you to Claire of GlobalRadcliffeAddicts for the find.

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