Exclusive DR.com DH-Part I NY Premiere Videos

As promised and cialis 5mg at last, here are two exclusive video clips from the New York premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows –  part I, along with a write-up on the event and the movie under ‘Read More’. You will find the clips of Dan here and here, and I will be adding my non-Dan clips a bit later. Enjoy!

 First of all and interestingly enough, the carpet this time around was set up under a long white tent with a transparent side facing the venue where the where to get viagra gala screening would take place, and an opaque side where crew members were still busy putting up panels and giant posters from the movie as decorations when we arrived. The photographers’ pit was located right at the entrance of the tent, where the celebrities came in.  Next in line were stationed the television crews, cameras and reporters, followed further down by some of buy viagra germany canadian meds the major Harry Potter sites (TLC, Mugglenet, SnitchSeeker, etc… ) and then fan sites such as ours, all with very tightly pre-designated spots behind the barricades. To our immediate left were representatives from Feltbeats, and to our right from RuperGrint.net. My mother (Nicole), who has worked in tandem with me at past premieres, was standing right behind me with a video camera while I took photos with her DSLR and conducted the interviews. My father (Jean), who got in by a pure fluke as he was busy talking to us when the press credentials (a sticker on buying generic viagra without prescription our lapels) were handed out, stood behind her with a digital camera set to movie mode and buy cheap cialis online clear instructions to take some aerial footage for us as he is tall and has nice long arms. Unfortunately for us, it took an inordinate amount of time for any of the actors/producers/directors to come towards us from the television interview area. I personally had the chance to speak with David Yates, David Barron and Rupert Grint, who were all wonderfully interesting and fun to generic propecia cheap chat with. Tom Felton spoke quite a while with the www.joshabbottband.com reps from Felbeats, but then had to move on and did not stop for our group. I was lucky enough to chat with Rupert, as he also came to speak with the reps from his site. Emma did not stop for us as she was being hurried along from the Harry Potter website area to a spot further down the carpet, and Dan (who came in last and still had some television reporters trailing after him) did not stop for us either. Defeated and over-heated, we left the carpet area and wow it's great headed back towards Times Square where an early dinner at Junior’s capped off our rather unfruitful evening.  

As for the movie, I finally managed to see it last Saturday evening and it certainly lived up to my expectations. A word of warning: this “in a nutshell” review does contain some spoilers!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-part I is true to buy levitra online from canadacheap levitra tablets book and would be very dark indeed if not for some brilliant  moments of levity and humanity. The chilling murder sequence in Malfoy manor at the beginning of the movie had me wondering why on earth there was a family with what appeared to be a five year old child sitting two rows behind me in the cinema!  

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint are all magnificent in this, and I was really pleased that Emma and Rupert were finally given the chance to show off some really fine acting skills alongside Dan. The charismatic trio is, of course, surrounded once again by a stellar supporting cast: Alan Rickman as the brooding Severus Snape (who really should be given a ‘grand entrance and billowing robes’ award), Jason Isaacs as a much diminished Lucius Malfoy, Bill Nighy as Rufus Scimgeour, Rhys Ifans as Xenophilius Lovegood, and Tom Felton as a recalcitrant Draco Malfoy, are all spot on. Hats off also to the canada free sample viagra three actors who portray the polyjuiced trio as ministry employees: their walk, body language and www.richcongress.com cautiously bemused expressions were absolutely hilarious!

Other fabulous moments include the very cleverly done seven Potter sequence, the animated retelling of the story of best prices on brand levitra the three brothers, beautifully drawn and reminiscent of Chinese shadow paintings, the sensual vision of Harry and Hermione locked in a lovers’ embrace in the Horcrux medallion, and the poignant scene in which Harry tries to cheer up Hermione, inconsolable after Ron’s desertion, by inviting her to dance. It’s a tender and heart-warming moment, made even more special by Dan Radcliffe and Emma Watson’s sensitive portrayal of their respective characters. 

The special effects are amazing throughout, and the action high powered and relentless. As expected, we are left with a cliff-hanger at the end of Deathly Hallows-part I, and I think that fans would have gone crazy had they not already known the outcome of the story. Still, it makes Deathly Hallows-part II seem like an eternity away.               

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