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The Times/Sunday Times Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Special Features

by ClaireNov 4, 2010

With just over two weeks to go until the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One, The Times and The Sunday Times have put together a fantastic assortment of Potter goodies to keep us going until November the 19th arrives, all handily contained within a single site:

However, access to these special features is only available to subscribers, but with a month’s trial subscription currently costing only three Sickles and one knut, there’s nothing to stop you raiding your Gringotts account and asking your Goblin financial adviser to convert your payment to £1 of Muggle GBP. This offer is also available to our Wizarding cousins outside of the UK, and you can choose to pay in US$ or Euros.

If, after your month’s trial, you decide that you no longer want to continue your subscription, simply cancel your account.

Starting today, and continuing through to the day of the London Premiere, you can access the following features, listed under the ‘read more':

From the Thursday November 4:

  • Win a VIP pair of tickets to the World Premiere – VIP treatment, walk the red carpet , travel and accommodation – competition ends Monday November 8
  • Exclusive ‘Undesirable No1’ interactive poster – become just as wanted as Harry by uploading your picture into the poster
  • Vote for your favourite character and win a DVD boxset

From the Friday November 5:

  • EXCLUSIVE – 1 x movie clip (24 hour exclusive)

From the Saturday November 6:EXCLUSIVE – Rupert Grint Interview – “It felt like the last day at school,” says Grint. “Packing up all the stuff that was in my dressing room, all the old toys still there from when I was 11…I’d underestimated how emotional it would be. We all cried.” On speaking of his big moment that all seven books had been leading up to,  “The kiss happened quite naturally, and in the second part of Deathly Hallows they’re really quite couply, holding hands a lot. It wasn’t like it came from nowhere. It was quite a tricky kiss, a bit strange, but quite sweet really. It was just one shot, but we had about six takes”.From the Sunday November 7:

  • Stars talking to the stars – Get the inside track on life inside Potter, with stars interviewing each other -  Phelps Twins, Tom Felton, Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley
  • EXCLUSIVE Hagrid’s Motorcycle Game (24 Hour exclusive) – Ride with Hagrid on his motorbike in a thrilling 3D PC game

From the Monday November 8:

  • EXCLUSIVE – 1 x Exclusive movie clip (24 hour exclusive)
  • EXCLUSIVE -  Image Gallery – expected delivery w/c 8 Nov
  • Download three movie posters

From the Thursday November 11:

  • Watch the stars LIVE – Live streaming of the red carpet at Worldwide premiere

Thank you to The Times/The Sunday Times.

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