DRC’s Visit to the Set of Deathly Hallows

DRC’s very own Jenna took a trip to the set of Harry Potter and indian cialis generic the Deathly Hallows, and we are finally able to cialis non generic share her report with you. So, take a walk with Jenna through the world of Harry Potter …

It’s not often one gets invited to spend the day in multiple universes. When you walk onto the sets of the Harry Potter films that is precisely what you are doing. I had the online order viagra pleasure of taking a stroll around Leavesden while filming for the Deathly Hallows was taking place. It is not something I will soon forget.

Each stage is painstakingly crafted with intricate detail. Even if you aren’t a die-hard Harry Potter fan you can’t help but be in awe when you walk from one scene to another.

Just taking a walk over to the creature shop is we like it worth a visit all by itself. With everything from a huge eight-legged Aragog to life-size, realistic replicas of Daniel Radcliffe and other characters, there is enough to leave your head reeling just from the artistic backbone of levitra online shop uk the films themselves.

What struck my eerie bone the most were the human-like duplicates of Harry Potter and a woman from the upcoming film who is a muggle teacher and tortured by Voldemort until he kills her. The actors actually went in and had body casts made of themselves — then they were photographed extensively all over. Apparently, everything from hairs to moles were copied based on the images taken. When you see them up close they look like actual corpses — and they feel like one too … the flesh is authentic to buy levitra without prescription the touch.

On to a lighter note — you can’t visit the Harry Potter set without doing a few interviews. Without further adieu, check out the levitra profesional interviews with Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, James and Oliver Phelps, Evanna Lynch,¬†Warwick Davis and David Yates!

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