All Quiet on the Western Front : BTS Documentary Planned

Are you usually left disappointed by the amount of BTS footage on a DVD’s extras?

Are you fascinated by the entire film making process?

Well, there is the best place awesome news in a press release by Ian Stokell and canadian viagra trial pack Lesley Paterson, the writer/producers of All Quiet on the Western Front.

They are also filming a documentary as they go along.

Said Paterson, “This is not simply a cooker-cutter documentary about the making of cost of generic levitra ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’, showing only the good PR bits. This is a no-holds-barred account of our very personal and difficult journey putting the whole feature film together.”

Added Stokell, “We shall show all the visit web site areas that are usually behind closed doors and off-limits, from obtaining funding through production problems, to the long hours in the editing studio and the organized chaos of putting on an opening night. It will be an education for the audience; a front row seat seen through the cameras that Les and I will carry.”

It will be called Journey to The Front and will be released in cinemas one month after the cinematic release of All Quiet on the Western Front.

One-minute updates will be posted on their YouTube channel and on the film’s dedicated website as their ‘journey’ progresses.

This is an embarrassment of riches, compared to the usual one blurry BTS photograph, pinched by photographers with a long lens! 

Once shooting starts – expected in early 2012 – we will, of course, make sure to keep you up to date with developments.

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