Confirmation of QI Episode Title and Broadcast Date

I simply could not take the excitement1 of the small Wiki edit war happening on the QI Series H page between Those Who Believe The Original Audience Tweets That Dan Recorded the QI Christmas Special, and Those Who Claim That It’s Called Hocus Pocus, So It’s a Halloween Special, Duh!

So I emailed the lovely people at QI.

And can confirm that the episode is called ‘Hocus Pocus’, and it is the Christmas Special, to be broadcast on Christmas Eve.

The new series starts on Friday, 17th September, and is broadcast at 8:30pm on BBC1, with an extended QI XL edition on the following day at 9:55pm. As the day following Dan’s episode will be Christmas Day, we will let you know if there is any deviation from this pattern.

1I find a five day test match that ends in a draw exciting

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