Simon Oakes Discusses Daniel Radcliffe in The Woman In Black

At the recent San Diego Comic Con, Hammer Films CEO Simon Oakes took the time to speak to MovieWeb about Dan’s involvement in the upcoming film adaptation of Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black.

Mr. Oakes said: Daniel’s an incredibly smart guy; like any young man who’s been in film since he was ten years of age, he’s got an incredible understanding of the vernacular of film making. He read the script, and twenty-four hours later he pretty much said he would do this next. It’s a huge challenge for him; he’s almost in every scene, it’s a nine week shoot, it doesn’t have the infrastructure around it like the Warners do with Potter. But I think he’s got the how do i get cialis smarts, intelligence and insight to deliver very, very well. He’s a really, really smart kid. I’m very, very happy with it, and obviously very happy for Hammer that we got somebody so recognised.

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