Daniel Radcliffe On The Woman in Black

In a charming interview with the Los Angeles Times, Dan talks about his hopes for the new production of The Woman in Black, and how it can help him to be seen as an adult actor.

“Working is how I will best get through a very weird time,” Radcliffe said. “I know it’s the most constructive thing I can do because otherwise I’d be moping around and viagra tablet being a bit like, ‘Oh, I miss everyone … ’ So I’m quite pleased to go on to the next thing and the next challenge.”

“When I met first met James Watkins, our director, he told me about a quote of Stanley Kubrick’s, which was that all films about the cialis by women afterlife or ghosts are innately consoling,” Radcliffe said. “I think there’s something about that that is very true to our story. While it is a horror story and it is very frightening, it’s also about loss and grief. I read it on a plane, and I don’t know what the people around me must have thought. I kept jumping and gasping…”

Radcliffe points out that in this film he plays a troubled father, not a magic orphan, and that gives him a foothold to step up and away from the “Potter” image that has dominated his public persona. “It worries me, but the challenge is to buy levitra online canadian phamacy look like a dad and a young father. If I get that right, that is something that immediately separates me from Harry,” Radcliffe said. “The script is so good and the characters are so clear, there is best levitra price actually reduced pressure on wow)) me to be constantly ‘different,’ if you know what I mean; in other words, once people are into the story, they’ll be watching this really compelling movie and www.riva1.it will stop — I hope — thinking about me.”

Goldman, who calls the Hill novel “the perfect ghost story, a fresh and original story that has the literary touchstones of Victorian literature,” says the levitra oral gel movie will be remembered as the project that drew a line between Radcliffe’s youthful past and his mature future.

“I think there’s a clear-cut demarcation,” Goldman said. “He was playing a boy in the ‘Potter’ films or perhaps a young adult. Here, he’s playing a man. Also I think in general today audiences know actors much more as individuals, there’s an awareness of them apart from their roles. Dan is a brilliant actor, and he’s much more than the person who played Harry Potter.”

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