Dan Apologizes to Comic-Con Potter Fans

Although Warner Bros. never confirmed that any of the Harry Potter cast members would be present at Comic-Con in San Diego last week to promote Harry Potter and www.architetturaecosostenibile.it The Deathly Hallows, Dan felt the need to apologize for his absence after hearing about some very disappointed fans in attendance.You can read the Los Angeles Times article and interview with Dan here. On the bright side, the always charming Tom Felton was on hand to levitra for cheap canadian pharmacy discuss the movie, which I am sure must have been highly enjoyable for all.

Of course, Dan had an excellent reason for missing Comic-Con since he was celebrating his 21st birthday in Russia. Here is a lovely candid photo for you to enjoy, taken during the trip in question. Thanks to Patrick for the www.babynews.de tip. Nice hat, Dan!

Last but not least, our site has been assaulted by some nasty gremlins yet again, and Super Allo is working hard to fix the problems. Thank you for your patience!


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