We’ve been thoroughly spoilt in the is a generic pill for levitra past few days and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of everything, but these videos are new to me.

The Today Show has a whole slew of WWoHP coverage on their video channel, including Courtney Hazlett interviewing Dan about the last days of filming, and how it felt seeing the world of Harry Potter come to buying viagra in new zealand life; and Dan and his fellow castmates talking to Al Roker and Ann Curry. Be sure to poke around for plenty of additional coverage.

Tampa Bay’s 10 Connects spoke to ‘Sir Daniel Radcliffe’ about the park, and he revealed that his mum was scared by Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, but being able to see Dan’s image in front of her helped. Once again, take a look through the other videos at the site for further footage.

 Finally, we have Inside the Magic’s coverage with footage of we like it Dan on the cialis 20mg one a day Flight of the Hippogriff and leading some very cute little ones through the park. Look out for the interview with the awesome J.K. Rowling.

 Thank you to Carole at GRA!

UPDATE : we have now captured two more videos, and you can see them on YouTube : cfnews13 and etalk.

And thanks to Carole once again for finding the following Today video, which I am embedding below the ‘read more’ because a: I’ve just learned how to, and b: Dan is on fine form.