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Reader Meets Dan Outside Tony Awards

by ClaireJun 15, 2010

One of our readers, Samara, was lucky enough to meet and chat with Dan as he was heading into the Tony Awards gala last evening in New York, and she kindly sent in her photos and story for all of us to enjoy. See her pictures here: 


And read about Samara’s encounter with Dan by clicking on the ‘Read more’ link below. Enjoy!

I met Dan outside the Tony Awards yesterday! Here’s what happened: I was the first one to get to the red carpet at 11:30am and I was talking to security and police officers, asking them to bring Dan over to my barricade area when he arrived. 7 hours later (3 of those spent in the pouring rain) Dan arrives! The police officers brought him right to me, but I couldn’t freak out, because I wanted to talk to him.

Me: Hi Dan!
Dan: Hi!
Me: So, you are basically my favorite person ever
Dan: Why, thank you! That’s very nice of you to say!
Me: OH I cannot WAIT for you come back to Broadway next year
Dan: Neither can I! I’m so nervous for it, but it should be fun
Me: By the way, my name’s Samara
Dan: Tamara?
Me: Samara
Dan: Oh! (he had my pad of paper and my sharpie that he already autographed, but then he went back and wrote “to Samara”)
Me: Can I get a picture with you?
Dan: You see, there’s a slight problem with that. In order to get a picture with you, I would have to lean in towards the barricade, which would make the people behind you lean in towards me, which is not really good for anyone
Me: I can lean out towards you then?
Dan: OH sure! Ok!
*puts his arm on my shoulder and takes picture*
Me: Thank you so much!
And that was basically it. He signed and took pictures with a few more people then went inside. What I love is that I stayed outside and watched every celeb arrive and Dan was the only one to come over and sign autographs…that’s why we love him so much :)
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