UPDATED Dan Radcliffe: from Star to Working Actor

In a recent interview, Dan spoke out about his career ‘post-Potter’, revealing his desire to be a working actor rather than a movie star:

‘It’s bizarre. Most working actors want to become stars. I sort of am a star because of Harry Potter,’ he told Radio Times. And I would love to become a working actor. I love auditioning. But, to be honest, I’m happy to ride this as long as it goes’.

Albeit brief, the statements are proof yet again that Dan has his two feet firmly planted on the ground and  no intentions of letting stardom get in the way of his plans for the future. Smart.

Many thanks to attentiallebufale.it SnitchSeeker for the link.   

 UPDATE : thanks to Carole at GRA, we now have full scans of very good site the Radio Times article

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