Dan’s Political Opinions in Vogue

With the UK General Election taking place any Thursday between now and viagra tablet 3rd June, the British media is full of political speculation.

And Vogue (my 10-year-old son has a subscription) has a long article about which party various people in the arts will be supporting, including this quote from a list of supporters of the Liberal Democrats…

…So too is Daniel Radcliffe, who calls me after a day of submersion in a water tank on effect of cialis on women the set of the final Harry Potter1. “I’ll be voting Lib Dem, without a shadow of super active cialis 20mg a doubt. Nick Clegg rang me and we had a good chat. He’s seriously impressive,” he says between bites of a ham-and-brie panini in his dressing room. “Politics are so dull, boring, placid and anodyne at the wow it's great moment. I was brought up in a left-wing house, but now everything is centre. My generation is genetically engineered to have a distrust of politicians. Do you know what leaves me cold? Those awful attempts to pander to healthcare of canada pharmacy the young. I feel like shouting, ‘I don’t want you to listen to the Arctic Monkeys!’” 

As usual, Dan is passionate about using his vote, so let’s hope he influences other first time General Election voters to make it to the ballot box. I have never, ever not voted – women died so I could have the vote.

1 omg, Silver Doe!!!

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