APLive Interview with Dan Streaming Later Today

Today at 8:30GMT (3:30 Eastern), the Associated Press will be streaming a new interview with Dan on their Livestream.com account at APLive.

The Leaky expects the subject of cialis uk order How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying to come up, after the read through that happened in New York in December – and that is www.easycare.com something that we have all been dying for news on – I know my husband cannot wait to find out when I am going to New York, again!

You can watch at their site, on their Facebook,if you are a Facebook based lifeform.

Or it will hopefully play on their handy widget, which we have embedded behind this attractive break… click on ‘Read More’…


Watch live streaming video from aplive at livestream.com

 Many thanks to our Order partner The Leaky, plus readers Star and http://www.breinweb.nl/order-usa-cialis-online Samara.

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