Audio of Live Half-Blood Prince Community Screening

Those of us lucky enough to have husbands with PS3s Blu-Ray players were able to watch the BD-Live screening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, featuring Daniel Radcliffe and a late substitution (replacing the poorly David Yates) of producer (and Spurs supporter – I feel your pain) David Barron answering fan questions via audio during a live screening of the sixth film.

They both coped manfully, through coughs and quick fire questions and discussion of what was on the screen, andĀ  we learnt important facts about the epilogue (they ARE sticking to the actual actors), their favourite Weasley (Ron, of course) and which character Dan thinks is ‘sweet’ (Colin Creevey).

And, because I am just that good to you, I managed to capture the audio of the experience, which can be downloaded here.

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