New BBC Interview with Dan and cialis 20mg price Rupert

There is a new interview with Dan and Rupert on the BBC website, which can be watched here, in the UK, at least.

If you cannot play the video, Dan’s part reads as follows…

As you might expect, Daniel Radcliffe – who has kept busy on both film and stage projects in between playing Harry – laughs off the idea that the rest of his life might be an anti-climax.

“No man, I’ve got kids to how much is viagra have yet!” he says excitedly, despite nursing a sore throat on the cold, cavernous film set at Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire.

“They’re going to keep me busy if I do – which I hope I do at some point. I’m not planning on cheapest place to buy viagra online it soon – that’s one of the things I’m really looking forward to doing.”

The 20-year-old adds: “What’s been cool is that I’ve been here when a lot of people here have had kids while on the film, and I’ve seen the change it’s made in their life and how amazing it is.”


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