Hello Magazine – Most Attractive Man of the Month

Just a little bit of levitra generic from india fun until our HBP DVDs arrive, next week.

 *gives Australia a stern look*

If you want to exercise your clicking finger, ready for playing all those awesome extras and levitra without perscription deleted scenes, maybe you can spend a little time voting Dan for for Hello Magazine‘s Most Attractive Man of the Month.

It is far from a foregone conclusion – I was hoping last week’s Man of the Week winner would be joining the attractive men in question, so that Hugh Laurie and Hugh Jackman would split the Hugh-loving vote, or Princes Joachim and Frederik the Danish, or Shane Filan and Ronan Keating the Irish, but the lovely and victorious Hugh Laurie has been bumped into December, leaving Dan up against three pretty much mutually exclusive fanbases.

Have I been giving this too much thought?

Well, so have Frenchi and Jan, thanks to both of whom for the link.

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